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What is
EA FC 24 Trading?

Simply said. EA FC 24 Trading, or called FIFA Trading revolves around buying and selling cards on the transfer market.

The transfer market is a virtual marketplace where players can list their virtual player cards for sale, and others can buy them using in-game currency.

Trading is just this.

Buying and selling cards with the goal of making profits and increasing your coin total so you can buy Cards that you want to have in your team, just like Mbappe, Ronaldo or whoever…

Trading is the best way to make coins, even tho it can be time-consuming and difficult, if you got tips from experts like us, you can just copy and paste the trades they do. Instead of spending hundreds of euros to be able to get some coins through Packs.

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FIFA Trading Profits
FIFA Trading Profits

Frequently Asked Questions

You get advice from real experts, experts that teach people just like you trading and how to make coins since FIFA 18!

Experience beats everything, but experience + TOP 100 Traders is basically an unbeatable Combination.

This will get you coins guaranteed.

We offer a lot of free services, but if you want to be serious about making coins in EA FC 24, than you should invest in your FIFA account.

With the price of the Trading Empire you could get 10 7.5k packs, and guess where you will make a lot more coins?

It’s cheap if you think about how many coins you will make. Some people even sell their accounts for hundreds of euros after joining. So they make a real-life profit.

Yes, our goups are just for EA FC 24 Trading, but when the new game drops we will just continue with EA FC 25 Trading.

Do you want to make coins? If yes, than Trading Empire is perfect for you.

Doesn’t matter if you have a lot of time or nearly no time, you will find ways to make coins.

A lot of coins.

Not at all. The past years we had people in this group that had 0 – 10.000.000 coins and made even more.

A bunch of people that traded their coin total from 0 to 5.000.000 coins.

So your coin total doesn’t matter one bit.

Exactly. This is the official EA FC 24 Trading group by Futtradingempire.

The Trading Empire.