Bronze Pack Method

Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack Method (BPM) is a very simple and safe method to make FIFA coins which can be used during any phase of the game. 

Bronze Pack Method is nothing but opening bronze packs and sell every item,
in the theory. But it’s definitely no method to make a lot of FIFA Coins fast.

Whatever now I’m going into details about how to use the method!

Which Bronze Pack should I use for the Bronze Pack Method?

I can recommend to only use the 400 coins packs, you will lose more profit and you can even make a loss when you use the 750 Coin packs.

Because with the 750 coins pack you get just 2 extra rare Bronze cards and the bronze rares are not as profitable as the non-rares (apart from squad fitness cards, you can list them up during Weekend League, they will sell a lot quicker!) so it doesn’t matter!

What then?

We want to gain back at least 400 Coins and this is more than possible with nearly every pack. If we list up most of the cards in the pack we can very easily make up the value of the pack at the very least but it’s also very easy to make profit. It is estimated  that you can make around between 200-4,000 coins of profit per pack, but I would expect at least 200 coins.


Many bronze players are used or required for SBCs like Marquee Matchups, League SBCs and Basic starter SBCs. Before selling any player, make sure to check its value, some go for 1000+ coins or more. If you’re lucky you even can get a card which is worth 4000 Coins. It can happen quite often if you keep doing the Bronze Pack Method, eventually you will know  by looking at a player if they would be worth anything! If a player isn’t selling for more than 300 coins, just keep him, because when new League SBCs arrive these players could skyrocket in price!


Just list these Contracts for min price, not everything will get sold but a few will do and these ones are basically free coins. If you sell just a few of them you’ll have the money you spent for the pack in again. You might have to re-list the cards a few times to get them to sell, it is boring but can be very rewarding if you do it multiple times!

Kit, Logos, Stadiums

Sometimes these types of cards are very expensive, because there is less supply on the market so just check their prices. If they are worth nothing just quick sell them. They won’t be sell fast, if the market is flooded with cards like that, but you can keep on relisting the kits, logos or stadiums until they eventually sell. I would recommend for people to do this if they have a very low budget or are just starting out on their account.


Some managers with a good nation are expensive, so just check their prices. If they don’t, just quick sell them! You are unlikely to use these managers so there is no use in storing them in your club. They can be worth something sometimes if they are from a strange nation, but it is very, very rare.

Fitness Cards

I would discard player fitness cards, unless you don’t want to apply them individually on your own players.
Squad fitness cards are worth a lot so if you pack one of those you can sell them directly and make a nice profit! I would prefer to wait until Weekend League but if your Transfer List is full I would just sell them instantly. Transfer List space is very valuable when doing the Bronze Pack Method as you can sell a lot more than 100 cards in the space of minutes!

Player healing

Just sell them, unless you want to use them. But you should have a lot of these lying around in your club from opening Gold Packs and other untradeable packs. Injuries are also quite rare on Ultimate Team and they don’t even cost that much!

Coin Gifts

Congratulation with this nice gift, enjoy the free money! This can help guarantee your money back too! I have got 100 Coins and 200 Coins out of the Bronze Packs. It is quite rare but you can also get a lot more!

Have fun with this guide for the bronze pack method!

If you wanna make more easy coins with trading check out this nice method!

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