Lazy Buyer Method

Lazy Buyer Method

In this post I’m going to show you how to make thousand of coins with the Lazy buyer method.

In fact, this simple method has helped me in previous years to make millions of coins, without any effort.

And in today’s post I’ll show you how you can do that much coins with the chilled trading method too!

How does the Lazy Buyer method work?

Search for players which get used a lot (either because they are good or because they are needed in a lot of SBCs).

And just list those players for more coins than their lowest bin on the transfer market!

Pretty simple isn’t it?

Why does the Chilled Trading method work?

Some of you who aren’t familiar with the chilled trading method will probably go crazy right now and wondering how they get sold when you list them for more coins than their lowest bin on the transfer market. So I’m gonna explain that!

This method works because a lot of people…

… are too lazy to check the lowest price of a player correctly, that’s why some people simply buy the cheapest player of the first few pages!

…who have only played FIFA 21 for a few weeks and don’t know how to check prices of players correctly.

…making mistakes which can happen to everyone.


  • Do the lazy buyer method with at least 70 Cards at the same time, otherwise this method is useless because it will take too long to sell your players.

  • You can buy a card more often than once, but list them with different buy now prices.

  • Relist your players every single hour, the more often you do this, the more often your players will get sold.

  • Do it with fresh players. (at least 7 contracts + 99 fitness)

  • Sell them for uneven amounts (for example: not 3k – 2.9k)

  • If you buy a card for 1k. List him for 3.2k buy now and start price for 2.1k. Because of that some people think they would make a bargain and bid on those card, so you would still make a good profit!

What should be the sell price?

Do it on your own, you have to decide, just try it out.
I made the experience, that cheap META players like Rashford, get sold even if you list him 4-5k above his lowest BIN!

But like I said already, that’s up to you. Maybe just try it with a low increase on the sell price, but you will get a feeling for that if you do this often.

Of course you should never forget the 5% EA Tax, just use for that my EA Tax Calculator.

Which Cards can you sell for lazy buyers?

Generally you can list everything for lazy buyers!
But I’m going to show you now some exact examples.
This method is very efficient if done correctly!

Investments and Thursday Flips

For example, if I tell you on Telegram to buy Telles for 6.5k then you can list this card for 12k for lazy buyers. 

Lazy Buyer example

That is better than the players just laying on the transfer list.
If someone get sold you can simply buy them again and relist them.

Cheap META players & SBC Cards

Like I said this works with nearly every card but I wouldn’t do it with useless cards, because the demand is too low so just do this with SBC Cards or cheap meta players.


2x Inform Trading

I will show you now something with which you can make an extremely large profit, but which is not the usual way of using the lazy buyer method.

It’s best to pick a player who has several Informs. 

Like for example: Pépé 

Important: These two Informs must look similar, either both have a live image or none.

Now you put the cheaper Inform on the market for the price of the more expensive Inform. I recommend,
If the 86 Inform costs 32k and the 84 Inform costs 22k, then I would put the 84 Inform for about 31.5k.

People look at Futbin for the price, they see 32k. They think, well I’ll go a little below the price. Seeing that the card is coming and thinking that they are getting a bargain, they buy the card quickly instead of checking if it is the right one. 

Now you can decide if you can reconcile that with your conscience that someone else is losing money for you to make a profit.

Expensive Cards

I list expensive META Cards for exact 100k above there lowest BIN on the transfer market. Of course it takes a lot of time until someone get sold, but if someone get sold, you’ll make a lot of profit with doing nothing!

My recommendation: If you don’t play with your team, just list them on the Transfer Market. You can only make profit. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter to be honest.

Lazy Buyer Method

Picture from 13th December 2018

Prices then:

Werner IF: 346k

Aubameyang: 287k

Pay attention:

Don’t expect that every player will get sold in a few hours!
You have to be patient with your cards, you will eventually make your profits!

Now I'd like to hear from you!

There you have it: My huge Chilled Trading Method Guide!

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Do you wanna see an exact Tech Avion Guide?

Have you ever tried this chilled trading method?

If so, how did it go?

Let me know by leaving a comment below and if you want to learn another trading method which can make you a lot of coins, check this out!

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