Chilled Trading Guide

This will be an in-depth deep dive into the Best Trading Method to make coins with.

What is Chilled Trading?

Originating from the buzz created by the popular Instagram account, Futpreneur, Chilled Trading has taken the FIFA Community by storm.

Though it might sound new to some, it’s an established method that the best traders might recognize as the “Lazy Buyer Method”, “Overpriced Selling”, or for our German friends, “Überteuertes Verkaufen”. Sound familar?

That’s because it’s the same trusted Trading Method, just rebranded and refined for the modern player.

How does Chilled Trading work?

At the heart of Chilled Trading is a beautifully simple concept: we buy Player A for a specific price, let’s say 1k, and then we list him for more – even if the current market price is lower.

Makes no sense? You probably thing “Surely, that can’t work!” 

But that’s the beauty of it—it does. Don’t overthink the ‘why’ behind it. Dive in, and don’t forget that the best EA FC Traders have used this method for years now.

However, there’s a caveat: this method is bound by three golden rules. Ignore them, and Chilled Trading will fail you.

1. Always do it with 90-99 Objects on your Transfer list.
2. Always list them for 1 hour.
3. Relist your transfer list every hour.

If you do this, a bunch of coins will flow into your account effortlessly. And the best part? You can manage this on your companion app in seconds, and then sit back while making sales.

How Chilled Coins helps you with that...

There might be a lot of question marks in your head, like… “What players should I use?” and so on…

There is an answer to all these questions, and it’s called Chilled Coins.

Chilled Coins is a Trading AI that helps you with Chilled Trading. It makes everything extremely easy.

and you can use it for free.

Let me show you, and also answer your questions. 

What Players work for Chilled Trading?

In theory, you can do Chilled Trading with every single card. But that doesn’t mean that you will actually make sales. You have to pick the right cards. Let me show you how Chilled Coins tackles this problem.

Can you see how incredibly simple it is? You just type in the amount of coins you want to use for Chilled Trading, the amount of slots in your transfer list… and the EA FC Trading AI just creates your list, with the best players to use, individually for you.

There is literally no one that could create a better list for you. Ask yourself, are you smarter than an AI, that’s specifically trained on the EA FC transfer market, analyzing real-time data from thousands of transactions every minute, and trained on all the Chilled Traders that use Chilled Coins?

There is no one that can create you a better Chilled Trading list.

Chilled Trading List

and as you can see, Chilled Coins even shows you the price to buy the players for, AND the price you should list them for. So this is something you don’t have to worry about at all.

Avoid these common mistakes

Make sure to not list your players for too much. While Chilled Trading involves listing ABOVE the market price, it’s important to not exaggerate this. You don’t want to sell a 1k card for 4k.

But again. With this as well, Chilled Coins fixes this problem by itself by showing you exactly for what price to buy and to sell. So you don’t even have to worry about this.

Besides that, make sure to use players that people actually want to buy, and then you are good to go.

I know, it’s THAT EASY with the Chilled Coins Trading AI, even a 5-year old could do this.

Try out Chilled Coins now!

Just try out Chilled Trading yourself, while also utilizing Chilled Coins. You will see that it was never easier to make coins. You’ll never want to go back to Trading.

I’ll share with you a link, that will give you Chilled Coins for free… hurry up, before they decide that you have to pay for this amazing Trading AI.

Some Examples of people using Chilled Trading