Console Market Differences

Console Market Differences


We will start with the trading guides soon and that’s why I want to explain the differences between the XBOX, PS4 & PC market.

The PS4 market will have about twice more Live Transfers than the Xbox Market and a lot more than the PC Market. That’s the reason why those 3 markets are so different!

The XBOX & PC market will rise more dramatically with specific SBC Requirements because of the lower supply. For example, the Marquee Matchups SBC, players from a certain team will rise more.

Generally, that means that SBC fodders tend to rise more on XBOX & PC, but also TOTW Investments, Out of pack Investments and more.

Daily Flipping will be easier as well on XBOX and PC, because the players will fluctuate heavily throughout the day, also because of the supply. 

But there are not only advantages for XBOX and PC.

On PS4 there will be more heavy rises with gameplay content. For example, players you need to complete an Objective player will rise more heavily on PS4. For example, Rebic who rose to 10k because of the Headliner Orsic Objective.
But also Thursday Flips, Link Investments, will tend to rise more on PS4.

Now you know which “Trades/Investments” should have the most rise potential throughout the year and you can take advantage of that and focus even more on that.
If you’re a PC & XBOX player I would really suggest you to become an expert in daily flipping because this will let you make a bunch of coins and if I shout an Investment, throughout the year, you also know how it will tend to be on your console.

Also, you should be able to recognize and understand why some Thursday Flips or Investments worked better/worse on your console than for other people in the Discord chat.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments!

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