Demand & Supply

Demand & Supply


Today we go in-depth into “Supply” and “Demand”.

I’ll tell you before, this guide is so detailed and important, if you understand these basics, trading will be 100% easier for you, so take your time and read only if you have the time!   

After you understand the basics of Supply and Demand you will be confident to trade with more “complicated” trading methods, like flipping, overnight flipping…

So, let’s dive right into it!    


Demand Curve

Example: Imagine Ronaldo during the first day of the webapp, someone packs him and list him on the market for 2 million coins (highest point of the curve). 

Then the amount of people who will actually buy the card for that price is very low! (Because the people don’t have the money to buy him the first day of the webapp)

But if someone list Ronaldo for a way lower price, the amount of cards who getting bought, will be a lot higher!


Example: But the real question is, will someone actually list their Ronaldo for a very low price? 

Mostly no, that’s why the quantity of cards on the market for a low price, is very low. 

While the number of cards on the market will be so much higher, at a more expensive price!

Short Supply of Demand & Supply

Demand: The amount of cards getting bought on the market.
Supply: The amount of cards getting listed on the market.

“When more cards getting bought than listed, the price rises
“When more cards getting listed than bought, the price drops


I’ll show you some market trends now, so you understand Supply & Demand better!

Rewards (More Cards = Cheaper Prices)

We know that the more packs that get opened at a specific time, the more people list these cards on the market and undercut themselves to list their cards as cheap as possible, to make it sell quicker. 

During this time, when a huge amount of people open their packs, like during the rewards, the Supply rises a lot, while the demand doesn’t change at all.

Beginning of fifa (More Coins = Higher Prices)

We see that trend every year again and it’s pretty simple: At the beginning of fifa, the first webapp day, nearly no one has coins. That means, the demand for Meta Players (very expensive and good cards) like Ronaldo… is pretty low! 

Also, we see a huge rise of these cards, within the next days/weeks. Because more people are able than to buy them and the demand for these players rise a lot!

Generally, you can use Supply & Demand for everything and if you understand that, you’ll be able to master every trading method. For example, Rewards Bidding bases completely on Demand & Supply!

That’s why I have 3 upcoming questions for you. If you answer them right, you got it.
If you struggle with something or don’t know if your answer was right, ask me or chat about it in the discord main chat.

1. Beginner

Mane gets an Inform, he’s very popular because he gets a Position Changed Inform as a Striker and he’s meta. What happens within a few weeks after the card goes out of packs?

2. Intermediate

Mane gets an Inform, he’s very popular because he gets a Position Changed Inform as a Striker and he’s meta. What happens within a few weeks after the card goes out of packs?

3. Expert

Background: Mitrovic is a SBC Fodder card, gets used in a lot of SBC Solutions and that’s why he’s not holding Discard Value. 

Mitrovic scores a Hattrick. A very big Youtuber tells that Mitrovic will get an Inform and he advises his viewers to buy him. EA doesn’t give him an Inform. 

What happens after the Hattrick?
What happens after the very big Youtuber told to invest in Mitrovic?
What happens after EA doesn’t give him an Inform?
What happens a few weeks/days later? 

In this certain time…
When will be his lowest price?
When will be his highest price? 

Tip: Cards who get an Inform will go out of packs.  

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