Market Movement in FIFA 21

Market Movement in FIFA 21


I will tell you today how the market will react in the first weeks of FIFA 21, based on what happened in FIFA 20.


September 30th: Webapp release, the market is incredibly low because no one has a lot of coins. Ever 1k is valuable. Every hour the market rises a bit but will stay low overall. 

October 1st: EA Play. Mostly I recommend investing your coins going into EA Access/Play. The market will stay low a few hours after release, but fly afterward!
Because after a few hours most of the people have more coins (after they opened packs…) and they will start to buy cards. Like always, especially some meta cards will rise a lot!

October 1st – October 5th: More players will start to play games, trade, and open packs. The market will go constantly rise and I would sell all of your Investments on October 5th!

October 6th: Champions and Ultimate Edition release. A lot of people will play the game and even more, will load up their accounts with fifa points and open packs. What will happen when millions of people will open packs at the same time. Most of the cards will get a hit and drop! That’s why I also recommend selling your cards/Investments on October 5th! 

October 6th – October 8th: Market will rise decently again so you can cash out on the Investments you may be bought on October 6th!

October 9th: Full game release. A lot of packs get opened again, probably even more packs. That means a lot of cards will drop. If a card doesn’t then you know that this card has a huge demand and will rise even more going into the 1st Weekend League!


That’s the theory behind everything, I’ll probably tell you in the discord what to do, but in this guide, you learned why and when we do stuff like, buying players…

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