Shortcut for Buy It Now.

This is a way to buy cards in the transfer market. In this case instead of bidding for them, a seller presets an immediate price without a need for bidders to bid.
If you use the BIN method, you will not have to wait for the end of the selling period. It will be immediately yours.

Promotional FUT event which takes place in November, based on Black Friday.

Consumable cards that allow players to choose which stats will be affected by chemistry.
They redistribute the stats that will receive chemistry boosts. There are 24 chemistry styles.

The digital currency of FIFA Ultimate Team used to do any exchange or transaction.

App that let’s you to manage your Ultimate Team on your mobile phone just like you do in FUT Web App.

Cards that can be applied to players, managers or the whole team to improve some of their features. It includes contracts, fitness, healing, chemistry styles, training, manager’s league and position cards.

Promotional FUT event which takes place in november, after Black Friday.

Flipping, but with the Daily Fluctuations of a card.

Subscription paid program for Xbox and PS4 players that lets members to play for free with a selection of games, try new games five days before the release date and enjoy 10% discounts on EA digital download purchases, including full games, downloadable content and in-game currency.

In FIFA 21 you’ll get 1 week early access for the game!

FIFA coins are a virtual currency in the FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Mobile with which can be spent for buying packs from the Store, buying items & cards from the Market, and paying for FUT entries.

FIFA Points are a virtual currency in the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode which can be spent for buying FUT Packs and FUT Draft entries.

Every card decreases and increases in price every day, sometimes even every hour.
This is called “price fluctuation” so you simply buy cards when they are cheap and sell them with maximum profit.

Squad Building Challenges (SBC) is a mode within FIFA Ultimate Team that contains a series of challenges to test your squad building skills in exchange for rewards (mostly packs). To complete SBC challenges and gain the SBC reward, you need to permanently exchange your player cards from your Club.

Web App is a free online application at EA servers that allows you to access and manage your FUT Club through the web. The Web App is only available for the web browsers with Flash plugin support on desktop devices while the Companion app is designed for the same purpose but on mobile devices.

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