I run an Instagram page with 30k followers and I constantly receive messages with questions like, “how do you flip players?”, “when should I buy and sell?” and “who should I pick up?”.

Now I will answer these questions.
At the beginning you have to identify the several different ways to flip!

But first…

What is flipping?

Every card decreases and increases in price every day, sometimes even every hour.
This is called “price fluctuation”.

The market changes all of the time and the price of cards goes up and down every day!
Especially on PlayStation 4, the transfer market is so much more active then it is on Xbox One or PC.

So flipping is just using these fluctuations for your own profit! We need to buy the cards at their lowest price and sell them at their highest price. FUTBIN is a very useful tool for looking at player graphs and this can be seen below!

You simply buy cards when they are cheap and sell them with maximum profit, this can be hard to judge but this guide will show you how to have the best chance of making the most profit! This method is quite safe and it unlikely you will lose many coins as if you don’t make profit the first time you can hold the cards until they rise again!

To demonstrate the power of these price fluctuations, I’ll show you these two examples!

Example 1:
Daily Fluctuations of one Card

Flipping 89 Son
Son price

Lowest price: 392k

Highest price: 439k

Difference: +47k

Profits after tax: 25k

We can see on the graph above that the lowest price of Heung-Min Son is 392k, and the highest was 439k.
We need to buy the card at the lowest cost (392k) and then we need to sell the card at his highest price which is 439k.
This gives us a +47K profit, after tax is taken away we have made a profit of 25k will very little effort!
You can use apps such as FUTAlert to keep track of your investments and watch the prices of the players. This has all been done in only one day! Meta cards will rise and drop the most during the day.

Example 2:
Weekly Fluctuations of one Card

Flipping 88 Reus
Reus price

Lowest price: 73k

Highest price: 88k

Difference: +15k

Profits after tax: 10k 

The weekly fluctuations of these cards are very similar to the daily ones, except they are a lot more predictable. For example, the Son card we were looking at above fluctuated very fast in only one day but the Marco Reus we are looking at now is a lot more stable.

This is good because it means that it is a lot easier to predict and if you are working on a low budget and don’t want to take risks this is the safest option. This works for meta cards but it also works for SBC fodder. Also these prices are changing very often so do not base the price of cards off the pictures that you see, these are only examples and you will have to find your own players to work on!

For example with this Marco Reus, we picked him up for his lowest in the week, which is 73k, and then we sold him later on in the week for 88k, which gives us a nice profit of 15k, but EA Tax means we will get 10k. We can do this with multiple cards at once, for example, if we bought 10 of Marco Reus, we would’ve made 100k!

These are just some random examples. 
You can make way more Coins with weekly fluctuations and daily fluctuations.

Now I’d like to show you the different ways to flip individually with a whole guide!

Here you can find all FlippinG GUIDES:
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