Free Investments

Free Investments

João Cancelo - Manchester City

Cancelo is a very popular card. He went down after his upgrade to 87 and I expect him to rebound before the next game, we sell before the next game (2nd Leg vs Borussia Mönchengladbach)

PS4 475K // XBOX 380K // PC 27590K

Estimated Hold: 2 Weeks

Douglas Costa - FC Bayern Munich

I really like this one, you don’t need to buy now, if we don’t get SBCs that raise his price you will probably be able to get him for ~ 7.5k, but overall 8.1k is good.

PS4 8.1K // XBOX 8.3K // PC 0K

Estimated Hold: 1 Week

Investment - Patreon Protected

This investment is available with a subscription to our Patreon Service, Check out this investment and 10+ more with our Patreon.

Pricing starting from as low as $15

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