FIFA 21 Trading ADVICE

In this article you’ll find several examples of the best FIFA 21 trading advice!

In fact, these FUT Trading Tips have helped me reach around 34,000,000 transfer profit last year.

And it will help you also!

Let’s dive right into it.

What are FUT Trading Tips?

When it comes to FIFA, trading tips are methods to use when buying and selling players in order to actively make coins.

How are trading tips different from Investments?

With investments, the plan is to buy players and hold them until their price increases and you can sell them for a profit. This can involve holding players for any amount of time from a few hours to a few days or even a few weeks. 

With these FUT Trading Tips, you’re aiming for an almost instant turnover- you buy players at a lower price and sell them for a higher price than you bought them at. On the surface that sounds really straightforward, but the devil is in the details.

Futtradingempire says:

“These FUT Trading Tips are the ways that the top FIFA traders make their coins and afford the best teams in the game. If you have the time to learn these tips in-depth you’ll be able to become a FUT millionaire regardless of how many coins you start with!”

Sniping Filters

Sniping is the most common type of FUT Trading Tip and consists of trying to buy certain players for far cheaper than their normal lowest buy now.

This works for any price range, as you can choose to snipe rare silvers needed for SBCs, in-demand gold players, or even Icons.

On this page, you’ll be able to find some of our best sniping filters to narrow down the amount of players that pop up and find deals easier.

Daily Flipping

Daily flipping is buying a player at a certain time of day and selling him during a different time of day when his price is higher.

Many player prices fluctuate daily during times when more or fewer players are online so there’s more or less demand. The key will be to recognize when a player is low and not missing out on any potential buys.

This sounds hard to believe, but read our guide to find out just when and how to buy and sell!

Tech Avion

French for Lazy Buying, tech avion trading refers to adding desirable contracts, chem styles, and fitness on a card and selling it for a higher price in the hopes of attracting buyers.

This FUT Trading Tip works because many people are lazy and don’t want to actually individually search up the lowest price instead of choosing to buy from what they see in compare price or recent.

Once you learn how to do this, it can be the easiest way to make coins on FIFA 20.

Bronze Pack Method

This method will take A LOT of time but is basically guaranteed coins if you have the time to burn.

It involves opening up large amounts of bronze packs in order to build up players in your club, complete SBCs, and make coins on the transfer market.

Many streamers and YouTubers do this to build up their coin totals, and in our guide, you can find out precisely how to make coins out of virtually nothing but time.

Ea tax calculator

This isn’t actually a FUT Trading Tip, but a valuable resource for any trader out there. 

EA takes 5% of however much you sell your player for, and with this calculator, you can calculate how much they will take from the sale price and what price you’ll need to list your player in order to make a profit.