How to trade right now in FIFA 22!

You are here because you want to know how to trade in FIFA 22.

And I will show you!

Why you should NOT invest

EA really controls the market this year, with the Promo Packs and especially Preview packs you get every single day, that’s why we also see no crazy rises this year.

Demand < Supply.

Cheap Meta cards, like Lacroix are dying just because they are getting packed often and people move on to META cards.

The last years the market always rose before going into the first Weekend League.
This year the market does not.


That means, this year your focus should not be on Investing… OBVIOUSLY¬†there will be sometimes some good Investments (see below)


BUT only if you know what you are doing! You have to be careful!

What you should do instead

Focus on Active Trading!

Focus on Position Change Trading, Chemistry Style Trading, Icon Trading, Rewards Bidding…

Methods like that are KEY this year and they are working better than ever.

Also Sniping is working wonders.

Here, some Guides for you...

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