Make coins with Webapp Sniping

Make coins with Webapp Sniping

Last year there were a lot of extinct players (extinct means not available on the transfer market), because EA gave them the wrong price ranges, so they were too cheap and most of the people who packed them didn’t sell them, just because it was clear that they would rise more!

You can use that to your advantage and snipe these extinct players.

Examples last year

(extinct players + price range and rise after their price range update)

Jadon Sancho = 30k > 55k

Joao Felix = 10k > 25k

Kai Havertz = 10k > 35k

Gnabry = 20k > 38k

Mendy = 10k > 40k

Kimpembe = 10k > 22k

Wan-Bissaka = 10k > 25k

It’s pretty hard to snipe these players when they are extinct because of the high competition, but I got your back mates!

For FIFA 20 I wrote a “How to snipe faster than everyone on the Webapp” Guide and I’m not speaking about Autobuyer or something like that. 100% legit, but it works amazingly. to check that out!

How to use that in FIFA 21

Friends, you have to literally do nothing. If EA is going to mess up a few price ranges again, be sure that I’ll tell you the players to snipe, so you don’t have to search for these players!

I did that guide so you understand the logic behind it and could do it the next FIFA on your own as well! No risk as well!

Looking forward to FIFA 21!

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