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Patreon subscription is very tricky. They tend to bill every first day of the month. So let’s do an example, if you subscribe on January 1st you will have all 31 days of the month included, but if you subscribe on January 21th, you will only have 10 days of subscription left until Patreon bills you again every first of the month moving forward.

This is not possible at the moment!

I spend a lot of time on a daily base to provide the best possible tips on this trading group. I don’t want to give just some tips, I want to CHANGE your WHOLE FIFA Career!

It’s definitely worth the money and even more if you think about how much FIFA Coins you would make if you would buy FIFA packs every month for this price.

Yeah that is completely possible, for that just go to my patreon and buy the tier you want to join. Patreon will change it then, if you are logged in with the user you bought the first tier.


That’s completely up to you! I have customers who made 4-5 million coins while being in the group but I also had customers who made 30-40 million coins! But I’d like to invite you to our 20 Million Coins in 6 Months Challenge, Challenge yourself  and get help from pro’s!

During FIFA 20 we had exactly 20 satisfied members who play on a Computer. Most of them with a Transferprofit of 10 Millions and more. If you know how the PC Market works, it can be very easy to make coins!

You have to connect your patreon account with your discord account. Click here to get help!