Q&A Week 3

Q&A Week 3

Feel free to ask questions about everything, like player prices, Investments, Flipping, Trading methods, Trading in general, upcoming events… I will answer these questions as soon as possible and ofc you can hop into these conversations or answer some questions too!

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Steven Gallos

What players to invest in currently, (e.g nation, league, position)

Joshua Marshall

Do u think malcuit is a good investment at 2k for tonight to flip between 4 and 6

What price could he rise to?


Who do you think is the best to trade with currently + who do u think is the best to invest with? (I currently have 10k)


Yes. I tried it, but I don’t know which exact players to do it with 🤷‍♂️


I got Dybala and Sané. When do you think I should sell them?


What people that new into trading should now right now with 2/4k and no SBSs to do? Do you think Lisandro Martinez will rise because of the Promes link?


Im really lost in how to trade, waht should i do? Yesterday i got some Marinez for min price thinking they would rise with the Ea acces, besides that what do you recommend me to do?

Michiel Kindt

If I buy like some Marcos Llorente’s, they will rise at the start of the full game?

Michiel Kindt

I have another question… When you arrive at the point that you have 10k… You should do the sbc’s? And nothing else? Just follow futbin in that?



Zakwan Shihad

Should I sell goretzka or wait till the release?


I read the guide for webapp today
But i start Yesterday with french and not Brazil it’s a problem?


I packed messi. Should i hold it and when should i sell him?

Yuri van veelen

How do you know what filters you can best snipe or mass bid or something like that?

Yuri van veelen

Do you prefer sniping or mass bidding?

And are there other ways to trade like that?


Wat moet je doen met de 10 uur die je kan spelen?


Hey there bro.. I have 10k and I want to start doing sbc’s but there are no solutions on futbin. What should I do in this case ?

Torben Cie

I got Llorente, Zakaria, Portu, Sabitzer and Allan, do u think these players will rise and when should i sell them?


I got ousmane dembele. When do you think I should sell him?


What I have to do with haaland and reus? I sell them now or wait to rise?

Siep de vries

Is it smart to invest in busquets?


Hi im new i have 25k packed nothing good what do u recommend


Hi 83-84 cheep players like aitor(laliga GK) are good investments????


500k on the bank, invest in what?


I found Bale, do I sell it or do I keep it?


I have 100k can u tell me what should i do


Habe 140 k was machen???


Do you think tadic and laimer will rise when game is out?

Jd ftw

Fred is currently extinct, I need him to get everyone on my squad to full chem, should I buy him as soon as the game releases or should I wait couple of days , will he drop? Like if he is 20k when the game releases, will he go down to 17 15 k after couple of days?


I was trading with witsel yesterday, I was buying loads at around 6k and selling for around 7.8k plus to lazy buyers. I bought loads last night and now he has dropped to 4.5k do I sell them now or will he go back up


Should I sell bale now? Do you think he will decrease?


Wait bro he will be out of packs because of otw


I bought oblak 14 times for each 30 k how much do yu think will he rise


saint maximin is now 55k wil he rise


Is digne still a good investment at 7.5k for the Calvert Lewin POTM?


can you do more telegrams please? and for your recent ig post on chilled trading, how much more do i sell by? like percentage wise?


Hi why will totw bamba go up in price?

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