Rewards Bidding Method

Rewards Bidding Method

In this post I’m going to explain the Rewards Bidding step by step.

This simple method has helped me to make a lot of coins and it will help you too once you learn how to do it.

First, I’m going to explain some basics about Rewards Bidding, then I’ll show you all a step by step explanation on how to find players to use and how to sell them.

Let’s dive right into it!


Rewards bidding is a great method to multiply your coins. It’s great if you have a lower budget but can be used also for a high budget. It refers to bidding on a lot of cards in a short period of time.

Rewards bidding is great whenever there is heavy supply in a short window of time, normally the Squad Battle & Weekend League Rewards, but also during Lightning Rounds and co.

Just remember,

Squad Battle Rewards = Mass bidding works better with non-rares.

Weekend League Rewards = Mass bidding works better with rares.

What Cards Should You Bid On?

Generally the cards should have a price between 1.8k-3.5k and they should be like this:

– Low Rated Gold Rare’s 75-80/81
– Non-Rare’s

Do not forget these cards should be in packs, FUTBIN shows a lot of transferred Cards, because they are out of packs and that’s why they are expensive, so if you search for Cards to bid on you should keep that in mind!

Why These Cards? What To Keep In Mind?

Low rated Gold Cards and non-rares, which are that expensive, hold value because of SBCs. Ideally they are often needed for a lot of SBCs and that’s why they are so expensive during the whole year.

So if you search players on FUTBIN, check also if they have good leagues, nation or positions which makes them more expensive than other cards. They should be that expensive almost the whole year, otherwise I’d be careful!

Here you can find Cards to bid on below!

Rare Gold Cards (FUTBIN)

Non-Rares (FUTBIN)

When To Bid On The Players?

1 Hour after Rewards release, a lot of packs got opened then
and also a lot of players will expire, you can get some amazing deals during this window!

How Many Cards Should You Bid On?

Try it with some different cards, when you find 1-4 players which are working great use them all the time, you get familiar with their fluctuations and this method will be a lot easier then!

How Much Should You Bid?

Be greedy! If you pick a player between 1.5-1.8k I wouldn’t bid more than 1.000 coins.

You’ll get a lot of great deals and this is more than possible!

When To Sell The Players?

I recommend to keep them until the next day (before new content drops) and sell them then, the market recovers a lot during this time. That’s why it’s also important to pick the right players to bid on, which always hold their value!

But you can sell them directly of course!


This method is so damn simple and is working though, and will continue to work for the entire year.

You can make so much coins from that, I always use them at the beginning of the new FIFA and you can expect at least a profit of 100-500k depending on how much you do it!

I hope that helps, good luck with that method and have fun!

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