Trading Terms Explained (Old)

Trading Terms Explained (Old)


Throughout the year you will hear a lot of words you maybe cannot understand. 

Classic Trading terms. That’s why I made this guide, so you can always go through this guide and understand these trading terms.

Let’s get right into it!


BIN – Buy it now – The instant price you can buy a card for.

BPM – Bronze Pack Method – A trading method based on opening bronze packs.

PAT – Profit after Tax – The amount of profit you make when selling a card after EA takes away 5%. Keep that in mind and use my EA Tax Calculator to calculate your profits! 

Supply – Number of cards getting packed and put on the transfer market.

Demand – Number of cards getting bought on the market. 

Fodder – Card that gets often used for SBCs and rise in price because of that after some SBC releases.

Sniping – A way to buy cards very fast with the goal of getting them cheap and sell them with profit.

OOP – Out of packs – Cards that are not available in packs at the moment.

Extinct – Extinct means there is no card of that player on the transfer market, so you cannot buy this card at that moment.

WL – Weekend League – A game mode where you play 30 games and get rewards based on how much wins you get.

WL Selloff – Sunday/Monday the weekend league ends and most of the people sell their players after the Weekend League, that is called “WL Selloff”

Discard – A way to get rid of a card very fast, for a small amount of coins.

Consumables – Cards that can be applied to players to improve some of their features like Contracts, Chemistry Styles, Position Changes…

ROI – Return on Investment – Defines the efficiency of an investment, it might be more efficient to buy an Investment for 500 coins and sell it a few days later for 7.000 Coins instead of buying an Investment for 50.000 coins and sell it then for 52.000.

You can calculate your ROI = (Final Value of Investment – Initial Value of Investment) / Cost of Investment * 100

Club Stock – You buy only one card of an investment or a card which will rise in the future and store them in your club, so you do not have to waste a place on your transfer list.

Unassigned – The complete opposite. You buy many cards until you cannot store them in your club and your transfer list. This forces the card to go into “unassigned items”. You cannot open packs and get your Rewards picks during that time.


Do you know more trading terms you do not understand? Write it in the comments and I will help you!

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