Full Webapp Guide – Step by Step

Full Webapp Guide – Step by Step

I’ll go in-depth now how you should start when the webapp gets released September 30rd – Step by Step

Let’s go right into it!

1. Choose Starter Team

I recommend you to go with Brazil.

We want to get as many Cards in our club, that are also useful for the Advanced SBCs. For the last Hybrid Leagues SBC, you need at least one player with loyalty. Often you use for this SBC a full brazil squad so we will get at least one gold Brazilian card with loyalty and we can make our own solution around him, without using the Loyalty Glitch or something like that!

2. Open Welcome Back Packs

Of course, you have to open your welcome back packs, what I would do with the items you’ll pack. 

I’d keep players with good SBC Nation (Brazil, Argentina, France, England, Germany…) and the same Leagues. Those will help you to complete the SBCs and they have loyalty as well!

I’d also keep Chemistry Styles, Contracts… because they are literally worth nothing at the beginning and will rise within the next days/weeks.

Just sell useless players and get some coins into your club!

3. Claim Daily Log-In Rewards

Don’t forget that, make sure to claim your daily rewards everyday. The rewards are decent and very useful at the beginning, you can get coins or pack rewards. Coin rewards are despite 200-5.000 Coins which can be a huge boost!

4. Complete Objectives

Complete some Objectives who are easy to complete, if I remember right you could get Untradeable Packs and free coins at the beginning and we’ll definitely take that!

5. SBC's

I’m pretty sure that you have now enough coins to complete the SBCs. 10k should be enough.

After completing all the basic SBCs, I would start with Hybrid Leagues. I heard from a lot of people that this gives you better rewards for lower costs.

Just complete every SBC. After that I’d sell everything, really everything then you have enough coins to use them for something else. We will multiply them and invest them smarter.


Now you should have enough coins to invest them and use them for trading. I would keep ~10k for trading and start slowly to buy Investments. I will drop a lot of Investments in the discord as well, just make sure to buy some Investments which you would also like to include in your team! Because we learned in the “Team Buying Guide” your team is also your Investment!

6. Start trading

Should be easy for you all, I made so many guides about the different ways to make coins in the webapp time, like the Position Trading Guide, the ways how to make coins with futbin, Mass Bidding, and more…



Just a quick reminder. We doing this before the whole game even gets officially released. Even if you make 10-25k it’s just crazy and you have an advantage over ~90% of the fifa players or even more. You can’t do anything wrong. You get an advantage with every coin you make before the official release.

As well it’s pretty sure that you’ll multiply your coins with the Investments we will do together, so I think now we’re good prepared!


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