Webapp Mass Bidding

Webapp Mass Bidding


The Webapp time is for every trader a hard place to trade, it’s just about grinding.
The last years mostly with the help of filters.

I’ll give you a few examples with filters from last year.

I remember that last year silver and bronze filters worked best, I was making a few coins per card, but every single coin is important, and all these small profits add up.

Let’s dive right into it!

But first what is mass bidding?

Mass Bidding is bidding on a huge amount of players (with a filter) with the goal to get them as cheap as possible and sell them directly with profit.

Filters that were amazing Day 1

Bronze – German – Striker

Silver – France – RM

Silver – France – LM

Silver – German – CAM

Silver – England – LM – EFL I

The France filter worked amazing for me, I got some of them for 200 coins and sold them for 800-900 coins!

Filters that were amazing Day 2

Gold – Argentina – LB

Gold – Italy – Bundesliga

And generally: Players from great nations or SBC nations like Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany… in small leagues like Liga MX… 

It worked last year very well with Silver cards but also with gold cards.

Then of course what worked wonders were bidding on players which are often in Futbin advanced SBC Solutions. But I’ll make a separate guide on that!

Filters that were amazing Day 3

Gold – Napoli – RB

Gold – AC Milan

Gold – Brazil – LB – Hellas Liga

Some more examples that I shared a few days later

Silver – LM – Ligue 1

Silver – RM – Ligue 1

Silver – LB – Bundesliga

Silver – LM – Bundesliga

Silver – LM – 2. Bundesliga

Silver – RB – Türkye

These were all the filters we used to make a decent amount of coins in FIFA 21. I’m looking forward to the next trading guides and I’m confident that those will help you.

The main points from that guide is:

The first days focus on bronze/silver filters.

As well as best filters are filters with great nations/SBC nations in small leagues!

If you have questions, ask me!

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