Webapp Position Trading

Webapp Position Trading


I‘ll show you a great Webapp Trading method again. Position Trading!

We’ll trade with Cards who got already position changed or cards who get position changed by yourself!

Most Importantly: Find your own cards, don’t do it if you recognize that a lot of us and other people are using the same card. You should control a large amount of market listings.

What should I keep in mind?

– Only use cards with good Leagues and Nationalities (Top 5 Leagues, EPL:..)

– This method will work better with new cards or cards that changed positions in FIFA 21, some people could get confused!

– Don’t undercut yourself! Only list 1-2 cards at the same time.

– Do it only with Position Changes that are useful (not RWB & co.) and they should be at least under 600 coins.

Example 1:

In FIFA 20, I remember buying Keita as CM and moving him to CAM. I did it with a few cards and was listing them for high prices. Every few hours one sold which made me a decent amount of coins, which is amazing this early in FIFA! 

Example 2:

You can do the same with LM players, buy them and move them to LW, most of the time you can sell them for like 1k more!

Example 3:

Try to get already position changed players as cheap as possible. Example: LM Bernard is worth 1.3k and LW Bernard is worth 2.7k. Check if you can get LW Bernard a lot cheaper with bidding. This works also pretty well because a lot of people don’t care about position changed players at this stage and don’t bid more than Bernard’s lowest BIN.

So you should be able to get some good deals. But here is also important: Find the right player!

Example 4:

Look at the advanced SBC Solutions in futbin, if you notice that there is a player who’s position got changed in that Solution, you can use him for that method, a lot of players will just buy the player at the position that’s used in the SBC. Which means he will sell way faster than if you just use random players!

How I used that method last year

I invested in a few Position Changes, check the Patreon guide for that: Consumable Investing (coming up soon…), and searched for ~3 players I can position change with this card and which will work well. 

I bought them once for the lowest BIN, changed their position, and listed them for their lowest BIN with the changed position. When they sold I just repeated the whole process.

That’s it, have fun!

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