Webapp Rotation list

Webapp Rotation list


If you want to make a lot of coins in the first days of the webapp, I’d recommend you to create a rotation list.

As soon as you have a decent amount of coins, 10-25k I would start creating a rotation list. Player prices fluctuate a lot in the early stage of FIFA and the futbin prices aren’t on point, that’s why I would focus on 10-25 players and check their price regularly, especially on Xbox and PC market, you can get huge deals just while you checking a cards price.

Especially in Day 1, there are a lot of people who don’t know the prices of a card and list them a lot cheaper on the market and there is also less competition because a lot of people don’t have the coins to buy players and a lot of people are scared to buy cards.

I summarize that for you, you should create a rotation list with 10-25 players, always check their prices and get familiar with them. Try to get some good deals if someone is listing him to cheap on the transfer market and try to get them cheaper via bidding.

What players should I include in the rotation list?

But that’s not it. I can already hear questions like… “What players should I include in the rotation list?”

No matter, I’ll help you out.

1. Players should be in your budget.

2. Good Nation and League.

3. Meta Cards, Cards that a lot of people want to play.

I’ll go more in-depth about what is meta.

Defender: Good Pace, Good Defending, Good Physis.

Attacker: Good Pace, Good Shooting.

Midfielder: Overall good, no huge weaknesses. Cards that have 72+ everywhere are most of the time decent.

Extra tip:

Focus on players/cards outside the premier league, the premier league is by far the most popular league in FIFA so a lot of us traders will trade with players from the premier league. That’s why it might be better to include a lot of players from Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A in your rotation list, so it’s easier for you to get some good deals!

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