Team Buying Guide

Team Buying Guide


As soon as you have a decent amount of coins in the webapp, you will ask yourself: When should I buy my team?

I will answer this question now for you!

Remember this at the beginning of every FIFA:

"Your team is your investment!"

Why? If you build a good team with valuable players at the start of every FIFA, they will rise!

There are 3 times when you can buy your team

1st Time: Buy a team that’s in your budget going into EA Play/Access. The more meta players the better, keep some coins you can use for trading and play with your team!

2nd Time: During the Champions & Ultimate Edition release. A lot of cards will get a hit and drop. Good opportunity to buy your team and play with it!

3rd Time: During the full game release. A lot of cards will take a huge hit, except for cards who have a crazy amount of demand, all of these cards will rise nicely going into the 1st Weekend League!

What you should avoid

Trade during the webapp time and don’t use it to buy your team. Only buy your team when you have enough coins already and don’t need them necessarily / want to multiply them with these Investments.

That’s why I also recommend you buying the team during Champions & Ultimate Edition or during the full game release. Because going into EA Access most of you will need the coins for trading!

I hope I was able to answer your question, don’t mind to ask something in the comments!

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